Take every 3rd person who views your website and turn them away.

By not making a company site, a school site or for that matter any website
mobile-friendly, this is pretty much what’s happening.

First impressions are critical with potential customers, and even more so on mobile, where the need for a clear message, thumb-able interface and fast action are amplified. As the screen gets smaller, your elevator pitch, your call to action and your messaging needs to be much sharper.

I think it is so ironic that a small company will advertise to mobile viewers by sticking phone numbers and a URL on car decals, but then not deliver a mobile-friendly website They are essentially saying .. look us up while you are walking (hopefully not while you are driving) and then get frustrated for 10 seconds trying to pinch and grow a standard website to meet your needs .. and then abandon the effort all together.

There are still companies that use QR codes in mobile advertising, and then drive interested users to a standard website. Crazy.

It is a SLOW progression to where small business owners are considering a mobile-friendly website. Currently mobile-sites are not on their radar; are not a pain point; are not a priority.

These arguments are on the list:
It will cost too much.
It will take too much of my time.
I don’t know where to start.
It doesn’t really matter to my customers.
I’m not happy with my standard site, so why go mobile?

Businesses need to understand that it can be simple, inexpensive and not consume
much in the way of time resources to address a mobile site. More importantly however, is that in most cases mobile sites can create a new revenue stream or keep businesses from losing a sale by catering effectively to mobile viewers. A first (mobile) impression may belong to an existing customer that visits your site on a smart phone, so this is not just about new business.

Mobile marketing does not have to break the budget or be painful to implement.
If , as a small business, you are interested in understanding a bit more about your simple options for mobile marketing, download our brief mobile marketing guide
which will get you thinking about your possibilities. http://bit.ly/Txw8eM

If you want to talk mobile now, we have created a fast, easy and feature rich solution to create mobile sites in 48 hours, satisfaction guaranteed. Start the conversation. www.touchpoint90.com/getmobile or give us a call at 925-298-4940.

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