Can small businesses use 1:1 marketing?

Can small businesses use 1:1 marketing?

1:1 marketing is when the marketing message is specifically tailored to an individual user. Criteria such as age, location and past purchase information of a user, and really, any publicly available information about an individual can be used to create a specific message meant to elicit a higher response rate for an action (click, buy, read, etc).

Amazon has spent many years and countless $$ making sure their customer’s tastes generate lists of “you might like” items. This information is usually quite helpful to shoppers or potential shoppers. We typically don’t think twice that our tastes and purchases are being tracked for this purpose. Amazon users know and trust the brand.  This is good use of 1:1 “personalized” marketing.

Most everyone has seen marketing mail that has your specific name amongst the pictures and text of the “mass mail” message (junk mail to most of us). “Steve, would you like …”   This is the simplest form of personalized marketing. You can accomplish this with data merge techniques in traditional mail and when using an email marketing service like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact.

Very few companies use 1:1 marketing to it’s full advantage. Scenario: You have visited a car dealer for repairs. What do they use in marketing to existing clients? Typically  • Name / Address • Maintenance due based on mileage •  Maybe they reference the make/model you own

What do they have recorded that they could use?  •  distance from your home to dealer (loyalty) • Maintenance habits (just major service/repair or all service/repair)  •  your usual mechanic’s name  •  payment history if financed

What could they use if their employees were trained to notice?  • general satisfaction with the dealer • any kudos or complaints logged  • if you’ve eyed a new car model while waiting  •  the change in family makeup (more kids, driving kids, empty nesters etc.) • what other types of vehicles you own      The personalized message can get “big brother” creepy if it is to personal or not used tastefully, but with a bit of training you can know enough to generate a personalized and more effective marketing effort.

When digital printing is combined with a database, each individual print can be customized with pictures and text that are specific to the user.  Response rates are boosted on average from low single digit response to numbers in the mid teens.  In the car dealer scenario, the mailing could include 6-8 pieces of specific information including your specific care image to create a better response rate.  Small businesses can spend the same on personalized emails, and incrementally more for 1:1 personalized printing that drive better response. Contact us if you are interested in knowing more about 1:1 marketing.

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