Good Ecommerce has ruined our expectations of mediocrity

Good Ecommerce is now standard practice. Most sites will display products clearly,give us the ability to get the product to our door within a max of 5 working days, depending on our location and ship method. Larger vendors absorb free shipping with larger orders, and most sites have good channels for order tracking, FAQ’s and contact channels.  It works well and we’ve come to reply on these standards.

I’ve run across a couple of ordering instances in the past few weeks that made me dwell on the fact that “ok” performance is just not good enough any more. The standard Ecommerce bar has been raised too high now, and consumers will just get angry with situations that used to be ok.

A. Customer Service from 8:30-5:30 PST      Not good enough. This smells of a company that is too small or not committed to other time zones or both. This is not a local-only company, and the transactional portion of the Ecommerce experience is sophisticated with everything you’d expect from a good Ecommerce company, so why fumble on the complete customer service aspect when a client has to potentially wait until 11:30am EST to speak with a rep.

B.   I ordered a product on 10/25, and it will arrive in the week of 11/23. Not good enough. It appears this is a case of just in time manufacturing gone bad, where manufacturing appears to be happening outside the USA. There is no FAQ page or reviews page at all that would have clued me in to the lengthy supply chain lag. There is no order tracking method that would have allowed me to find out the lengthy delay without having to write the company (Karma Mobility).

I write the quick blurb about this experiences to highlight that no matter how big or small your company is, the Ecommerce portion has to have a standard set of features that are consistently supported, and has to have a customer-centric set of human support to match. You need to match customer expectations with performance, or clients/potential clients will leave you for a choice that provides the new standard.

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