What businesses of all sizes can learn from Amazon.

A colleague was describing his online buying experience with FRYE boots and it wasn’t pretty. The driver for not using Amazon (or in this case Zappos, an Amazon company since 2009), was a particular size was only available from FRYE direct.

The shoes that were ordered didn’t fit correctly, and the pain train started with the return process .. archaic and painfully long and convoluted.

3 weeks to refund?
Refund process via pen and paper?
CS blamed the buyer for not reading the product feedback section to see the shoe ran small? Really?

Why can’t a major brand give an online experience .. even similar to Amazon .. in ease of use?

FRYE has had fanatic customers since 1863 because of product quality, but this poor experience means FRYE has forever lost a customer for direct-from-manufacturer purchase.

Amazon has spoiled us, and isn’t that the goal of all companies? It appears not.

For all of the types of services and cool gadgets that Amazon offers, the real power of Amazon is the ability to delight customers in a consistent, expeditious and easy-to-use manner.

If you sell a product or service, do you really have fanatic customers?

A touchpoint is the interface with customers before, during and after a transaction. Optimizing touchpoints ultimately drives your reputation and profitability. This is the heart of creating fanatic customers. This is where Amazon excels.

Business owners do not spend nearly enough time attempting to understand how to spoil their customers into being fanatics. They do not spend enough time dreaming of what “the perfect customer experience” would look like.

Take some time to dream about your customer’s journey. Talk to your customers to get their take on a perfect experience. Make sure you have an easy-to-use feedback mechanism. You don’t have to be Amazon to create a vision for perfection. If you need inspiration in starting this process and improving your touchpoints creating just give us a call .. we are easy to work with.

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