A case for being small, nimble and innovative. A big company going Forward to the Past

Just tried to make reservations to stay in Yosemite in 2018. In this age of exceptional travel and booking sites, I was very surprised that the site for Yosemite lodging appeared to be from about 2006 in it’s poor performance, load times and content.

It was crazy .. to advance the calendar for reservations it had to cycle through about 5 seconds before you could advance a single month. I checked again a few days later and got the same performance and then a 2006ish message in the middle of the day “System is down for scheduled maintenance.With just a bit of digging I found my answer to why I was transported back 10+ years while looking at this mess .. Aramark.   The uniform / food / facilities services company is running the facilities and reservation system for Yosemite.

Stats from their website states that Aramark has 270,000 employees in 19 countries. I’d say that was a big company.

I believe a company with 5 employees could build a superior reservation UI/experience with exceptional performance. It is 2017, isn’t it?

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