Communicating with your clients the way THEY want … wait, what?

Phone • Email • Chat

What else is there to use in contacting or supporting clients or perspective clients?

Phone contact is great, but it is not 24×7 for small business, and often, clients do not recognize a number and will not answer the phone. Often, automated reception systems and on-hold music can greet incoming calls.

Emails are great, but they can languish as inbox clutter, get sent to spam or get trashed if they are viewed as spam.

Online Chat systems are great for immediate support (if it is available and staffed).,but the user is tied to a computer or phone during  the session (which has to be contiguous or you start all over) which means in most cases it takes a lot of time that your clients may not have.

How do most people communicate with each other now?   Texting.

Texting is immediate. Texts get opened and read much faster than email. Typically a text is more concise than email. Your clients want to communicate with your company by text. They just don’t know how. And beyond using individual employee phones, probably neither do you.

Affordable managed texting is possible for small businesses. These systems can use your company phone number or department phone numbers and can be scaled from 1 to dozens of users, Conversations are logged, searchable and reviewable.

Texting “conversations” can happen over days if needed. They can be dropped and picked back up easily by your staff. They can be assigned, just like a call center.

Oh, and did you know you can easily have clients “pay-by-text”? When a client is sent a link by text, it will automatically fire up Apple Pay, or Google Pay if they have it linked to the phone. Pretty nifty.


This is a system specifically for small businesses. $14.99/mo.

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